Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Death and Fake nails

This ones quite odd. I dreamt this one last night and I have no idea where it came from. Here goes :P

My dad had some sort of disease (it was never mentioned in the dream) so we were all spending time with him because it was possible it would kill him. So one night he was lying in bed and I went in to see him, he had just put fake nails on so we began to discus the colour. It was this gorgeous pinky purpley colour with black tips. We both didn't like it (although in reality I think it's wonderful) and decided it was more of a mum colour. I then had to pee so I left to go to the bathroom. The next day ( I have no idea why I was in the bathroom so long) mum came and told me dad had died while taking his fake nails off.

I woke up thinking the dream was true and texted me boyfriend to tell him the news, only to wake up and find out that that too was a dream. But I still checked my phone and made sure I hadn't actually sent him the text.


XoX, much loves - Shannon :P

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