Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Old One: Dodos, Waves and Lizzy

This is a rather old dream, quite an odd story behind it, though I can't remember most of it, I was writing a blog post on my other blog when I feel asleep on the middle of it. I woke up 15 hours later with my arms above my head, completely dead, I freaked out. When you wake up and first thought is "where the hell are my arms?!" well, you know things are odd. Heres somethings you need to know, Lizzy is my bestest friend in the whole wide world :) Anything else you want to know, comment and ask.
Here's the dream...

well it starts off at school and this guy Mathew comes up to me and says "I wanna cook dodo" and I look at him strangely. "dodos are extinct"
"who cares, I WANNA COOK DODO"
"well have fun with that"
then I walk out of school and down to Dunedin and he appears on the beach and starts talking about how on the boat he only gets to cook dodo eggs but never dodo. then he transforms into Lizzy and shes saying how its not a high class restaurant but it's a good job, but she wishes she could cook dodo. at this point the waves are getting bigger and coming in closer to the shore so we climb the stairs to the car park. then all of a sudden there are massive waves like 10 metres high, and growing and the place starts to flood so Liz and i try to get out of there so we run up to the cafe and try to climb out but for some reason we end up at the bottom again, at the cafe there are all these people sitting and eating while getting drenched my the waves. Liz and I try another way of getting out so we run down a bit and climb down the garden then somehow fly up to the top floor of the car park, then teleport to the ground again, this happens a few times then we decide to try something else so we link arms ( so we don't separate) and run up to the ramp, but we slip and fall over, by this time the water is above our knees and rising still. so we decide to swim up the ramp but we miss the ramp and instead start swimming in the other direction, we then come across another ramp and we swim up there then we get to my old house and Lizzy help me climb in through the window then runs to her Nana's. I sit down at home and do nothing. awhile later I open the front door to see if the flooding stopped and I end up at my dads old place and have to call the dogs inside. then I walk up a hill and Lizzy is there and we continue talking about her job and dodos. then I'm at home and mum asks me where I was and why I didn't stay home so I explained how Lizzy wanted to talk to me about her job and then I woke up wondering where my arms were.

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Much loves

XoX Shannon

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tornados, Dancing and Explosions

This dream I had awhile ago, when I had a crush on Adison, I don't know what it is about, but here goes.

My family were storm chasers and there was a tornado, so we went up to have a look. I go my telescope out and looked up at the hill and saw Adison with a hand glider thing. So I shouted out to him "What are you doing!?" to which he replied "I'm going to ride the tornado!" So he did. He starting spinning round in circles before falling to the ground. So I ran to him and did CPR, then he woke up and said "oh my god! You saved my life!" Then he hugged me. Then I was wearing high heeled shoes and we were dancing... Then the world blew up.

Happy ending I think xD

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XoX Shannon


This is my latest dream, again it is a short one.
Back Ground info: The guy in this dream is my boyfriend.

Me: Don't scratch yourself with a knife
Suhail: Why?
Me: I think that one's pretty self explanatory

Hot dogs?

Before I tell you my first dream there is a little bit of background information you should know...
I used to have a MASSIVE crush on the guy who features in my dream.
Told you it was a little bit.

Adison: This hot dog is alive!!
Me: Really?!
Adison: Yup, it blinks!

Yeah... well.. um.. That's it.

Will have more up later

XoX Shannon