Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Party On A House Bus And Blowing Up London

Dear Readers,
Hello! This one is quite old and I only remember bits about it. Here's the background info.
It was a little while before my birthday and I was wondering what to do for my party.
I had been to London a few months earlier.
Hannah is one of my friends originally from England.

The Dream:
It was my birthday, some friends and I had got together for a party. We were on top of a big, red double decker bus, like the ones you see in London. We were all drinking and smoking... something (which is totally unlike me O.o) I had invited a whole bunch of people that I would never invite to my party, Because they were either my worst enemies, completely silly and annoying, or hardcore stoners or something like that. We all decided to go for a walk, so we went downstairs and were in my house, the lounge to be exact. We all walked out the front door into this place I had never seen before. We walked down Oxford street, brought shoes, and walked back home. Then Hannah got a barrel and rolled it down some metal tracks.

This is where it splits off into two endings.

Ending One:

I asked Hannah what she just did. She explained how she just set an explosive barrel on course to blow up the Sky Tower and London, Waterloo train station. We all run down and try to stop the barrel. we get just out side the sky tower, I tell everyone to stand back as I reach up for the tracks and catch the barrel, expected it to blow up everyone, including myself, flinches, But it didn't blow up and everyone was screaming and cheering for me because I saved them.

Ending Two:
I asked Hannah what she just did. She explained how she just set an explosive barrel on course to blow up the Sky Tower and London, Waterloo train station. They blow up and we all die =D

XoX, Much loves - Shannon.

Cucumber and Onion Shampoo?

The other night I dreamt that My mother told me I should make cucumber and onion shampoo because it would clear my sinuses.

That is all

XoX, Much loves - Shannon :)

Death and Fake nails

This ones quite odd. I dreamt this one last night and I have no idea where it came from. Here goes :P

My dad had some sort of disease (it was never mentioned in the dream) so we were all spending time with him because it was possible it would kill him. So one night he was lying in bed and I went in to see him, he had just put fake nails on so we began to discus the colour. It was this gorgeous pinky purpley colour with black tips. We both didn't like it (although in reality I think it's wonderful) and decided it was more of a mum colour. I then had to pee so I left to go to the bathroom. The next day ( I have no idea why I was in the bathroom so long) mum came and told me dad had died while taking his fake nails off.

I woke up thinking the dream was true and texted me boyfriend to tell him the news, only to wake up and find out that that too was a dream. But I still checked my phone and made sure I hadn't actually sent him the text.


XoX, much loves - Shannon :P

Thursday, September 30, 2010


This one is odd... I only remember a little bit of it and it's not exactly clear, so don't expect a crystal clear image of it in your head.

There's a bit of a back story behind this one and I feel it is relevant to mention it, it might make more sence that way...

One day in food we were baking scone and my cooking patener and I had just put ours in the oven and cleaned up, so we walked around the room to go help our friend Ben clean up, when we go there he was complaining how his scones weren't cooking, a bit later his friend walked over and commented on his scones. It all ended in "maybe you should try turning the oven on" We haven't let him live it down.

Well anyways, here's the dream...

I was on facebook one day, and decided to mention Ben in it. I tagged ben in the post and commented on his forgetting to turn the oven on.

Ok, I know it's not much, But here's the real reason I wanted to post this one. Facebook. I updated my status mentioning my dream... The comments went as follows....

Shannon Russell: I had a dream about Ben Smith ... I think It had something to do with scones and facebook O.o

JayJay IzWicked Yo: Sconebook?

Shannon Russell: sounds yummy... or squishy O.o

JayJay IzWicked Yo: Haha. Sconebook. My invention :D. Better than facebook cause if people piss you off you just eat them instead of deleting them ;D.

Shannon Russell: DOO IHHT!!!! I'd join :)

Suhail Chada:
Tagline should be: "It's like Facebook, except you can regurgitate it!"

Shannon Russell:
haha, I only know how to make free ones that aouldn't work like facebook :/ Ask my bf, he's smarter >.<

JayJay IzWicked Yo:
Oi Suhail make me a website :P. You can make a Halo app for it? :L

Suhail Chada:
Lolz, but I don't know how to bake a website. =S

JayJay IzWicked Yo:
I'll just steal facebook from the creators and change the name then :D

Suhail Chada:
Noooo! It must be a freshly baked website!! Not this refined Facebook crap! :P

Shannon Russell:
Try... I dare you... D: xD

Suhail Chada:
I've grilled cakes and barbecued muffins but i've never baked a website.

Don't you just love my friends :) :P:P

XoX, Much loves - Shannon ^_^

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Old One: Dodos, Waves and Lizzy

This is a rather old dream, quite an odd story behind it, though I can't remember most of it, I was writing a blog post on my other blog when I feel asleep on the middle of it. I woke up 15 hours later with my arms above my head, completely dead, I freaked out. When you wake up and first thought is "where the hell are my arms?!" well, you know things are odd. Heres somethings you need to know, Lizzy is my bestest friend in the whole wide world :) Anything else you want to know, comment and ask.
Here's the dream...

well it starts off at school and this guy Mathew comes up to me and says "I wanna cook dodo" and I look at him strangely. "dodos are extinct"
"who cares, I WANNA COOK DODO"
"well have fun with that"
then I walk out of school and down to Dunedin and he appears on the beach and starts talking about how on the boat he only gets to cook dodo eggs but never dodo. then he transforms into Lizzy and shes saying how its not a high class restaurant but it's a good job, but she wishes she could cook dodo. at this point the waves are getting bigger and coming in closer to the shore so we climb the stairs to the car park. then all of a sudden there are massive waves like 10 metres high, and growing and the place starts to flood so Liz and i try to get out of there so we run up to the cafe and try to climb out but for some reason we end up at the bottom again, at the cafe there are all these people sitting and eating while getting drenched my the waves. Liz and I try another way of getting out so we run down a bit and climb down the garden then somehow fly up to the top floor of the car park, then teleport to the ground again, this happens a few times then we decide to try something else so we link arms ( so we don't separate) and run up to the ramp, but we slip and fall over, by this time the water is above our knees and rising still. so we decide to swim up the ramp but we miss the ramp and instead start swimming in the other direction, we then come across another ramp and we swim up there then we get to my old house and Lizzy help me climb in through the window then runs to her Nana's. I sit down at home and do nothing. awhile later I open the front door to see if the flooding stopped and I end up at my dads old place and have to call the dogs inside. then I walk up a hill and Lizzy is there and we continue talking about her job and dodos. then I'm at home and mum asks me where I was and why I didn't stay home so I explained how Lizzy wanted to talk to me about her job and then I woke up wondering where my arms were.

Thanks for reading

Much loves

XoX Shannon

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tornados, Dancing and Explosions

This dream I had awhile ago, when I had a crush on Adison, I don't know what it is about, but here goes.

My family were storm chasers and there was a tornado, so we went up to have a look. I go my telescope out and looked up at the hill and saw Adison with a hand glider thing. So I shouted out to him "What are you doing!?" to which he replied "I'm going to ride the tornado!" So he did. He starting spinning round in circles before falling to the ground. So I ran to him and did CPR, then he woke up and said "oh my god! You saved my life!" Then he hugged me. Then I was wearing high heeled shoes and we were dancing... Then the world blew up.

Happy ending I think xD

Thanks for reading.

XoX Shannon


This is my latest dream, again it is a short one.
Back Ground info: The guy in this dream is my boyfriend.

Me: Don't scratch yourself with a knife
Suhail: Why?
Me: I think that one's pretty self explanatory

Hot dogs?

Before I tell you my first dream there is a little bit of background information you should know...
I used to have a MASSIVE crush on the guy who features in my dream.
Told you it was a little bit.

Adison: This hot dog is alive!!
Me: Really?!
Adison: Yup, it blinks!

Yeah... well.. um.. That's it.

Will have more up later

XoX Shannon