Thursday, September 30, 2010


This one is odd... I only remember a little bit of it and it's not exactly clear, so don't expect a crystal clear image of it in your head.

There's a bit of a back story behind this one and I feel it is relevant to mention it, it might make more sence that way...

One day in food we were baking scone and my cooking patener and I had just put ours in the oven and cleaned up, so we walked around the room to go help our friend Ben clean up, when we go there he was complaining how his scones weren't cooking, a bit later his friend walked over and commented on his scones. It all ended in "maybe you should try turning the oven on" We haven't let him live it down.

Well anyways, here's the dream...

I was on facebook one day, and decided to mention Ben in it. I tagged ben in the post and commented on his forgetting to turn the oven on.

Ok, I know it's not much, But here's the real reason I wanted to post this one. Facebook. I updated my status mentioning my dream... The comments went as follows....

Shannon Russell: I had a dream about Ben Smith ... I think It had something to do with scones and facebook O.o

JayJay IzWicked Yo: Sconebook?

Shannon Russell: sounds yummy... or squishy O.o

JayJay IzWicked Yo: Haha. Sconebook. My invention :D. Better than facebook cause if people piss you off you just eat them instead of deleting them ;D.

Shannon Russell: DOO IHHT!!!! I'd join :)

Suhail Chada:
Tagline should be: "It's like Facebook, except you can regurgitate it!"

Shannon Russell:
haha, I only know how to make free ones that aouldn't work like facebook :/ Ask my bf, he's smarter >.<

JayJay IzWicked Yo:
Oi Suhail make me a website :P. You can make a Halo app for it? :L

Suhail Chada:
Lolz, but I don't know how to bake a website. =S

JayJay IzWicked Yo:
I'll just steal facebook from the creators and change the name then :D

Suhail Chada:
Noooo! It must be a freshly baked website!! Not this refined Facebook crap! :P

Shannon Russell:
Try... I dare you... D: xD

Suhail Chada:
I've grilled cakes and barbecued muffins but i've never baked a website.

Don't you just love my friends :) :P:P

XoX, Much loves - Shannon ^_^